Imagining Imagination

Topics: Mind, Perception, Sense Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Kevin Cost Writ 102 9 April 2013

Imagining Imagination !

Imagination is a curious yet confusing topic for many living humans. It can create vivid images and ideas that float through the mind. This can be compared to dreams as well. Many dreams come from the imagination and squeeze their way through to the sleep cycle to project ludicrous images and stories that are relatable to our daily lives. Imagination and dreaming are the two subjects that coincide within the brain. In The Man Of Feeling by Javier Marías, the world of dreaming becomes a totally different world. He writes about his own dreams and the stories he creates in his sleep. The dreams he has are so detailed and arousing that it creates a sense of doubt for the person reading. The interesting thing is that it can be compared to a more psychological approach. In Dreaming By The Book by Elaine Scarry, she digs deep into how imagination and dreams can be combined, yet opposite. It discusses the topics of vivacity, solidity, and the general idea of dreams through imagination. These two works can be compared because the stories that Marías creates can be validated by Scarry’s work. Dreaming and imagination are deeply discussed and supported by both of these works. ! Imagination can be defined as the faculty or action of forming new ideas. The

definition is very blunt and not very detailed. The imagination is much more that just forming new ideas, it is picturing extreme things of love and adventure. Scarry makes

valid points on this statement. She speaks of the word solidity which is defined as the state of being structured. This structure has a big influence on perception. To perceive something is to get a personal understanding of something by involving the sense of touch. “Second, solidity is difficult to reproduce in the imagination because it entails touch, the sense whose operation is most remote us in imagining: Thomas Hobbes argued that the imagination is exclusively visual.” (Scarry 14)....
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