Imagine Yourself 26 Years Ahead

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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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It was flaming hot, the sand beneath my bare legs burned when it hit water. I thrived to keep my eyes open, but instead I drifted into my daydreams imaginations, and spontaneously everything was peaceful and utterly dreamy. It was more to a vision than a dream when I imagine myself in 2026, but within an instant I am blown away. I discover that I am the new legend in the genetic research field in the United States, not only that but a mother too. Consequently, I see an extraordinary day of my future sought life, a casual day yet inscribed within history: the day I discover the AIDS cure. Suddenly, a river of emotions erupts through my veins but I know it’s everything I want in my future and everything I want the world to remember me by, to be a person who changed the world. In my future life I’m married to a guy called Joseph khan, he becomes the first man to step on Jupiter. I linger in my visions and expectations of future, wanting nothing more but to reach for it and make it happen, but then I wake up. The sun was down but I can see my surroundings as still as they were, then out of nowhere I see a guy setting near, “what’s your name” the stranger said in a soft deep voice, “Mariah” I breathed, stunned. He walked slowly and stretched his tanned arm toward me “khan, Joseph khan.” I was hooked.
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