Imagine If Oil Supply Gets Exhaushted, How Will This Effect Your Life .Write a Report on It.

Topics: Chemical reaction, Integer, Prime number Pages: 8 (2285 words) Published: May 11, 2013
HOLIDAY – HOMEWORK (2013-2014) CLASS-X ENGLISH Section- A: BBC: Reading Comprehension: Ex.1, 2 & 3. Section- B: BBC: Writing Skills: E-mail 1 & 2; Letter writing 1 & 2; Speech 1 & 2; Article 1& 2. Section- C: BBC: Grammar: Preposition, Voice, Speech, Tenses. Section- D: 1. Value based: Which poem do you appreciate the most – ‘The frog and the nightingale’ or ‘Mirror’? Why? Write the literary devices used in that poem. Write about the poet. (150 words) 2. Extrapolatory: Imagine that you are Miss Mebbin (Mrs Packletide’s Tiger). How you would have blackmailed Mrs. Packletide and for what? How you would you have managed to get something of your choice? (200 words) 3. Novel based: Diary of a young girl: Write a book review on the basis of your reading of chapter 1 to 10. (Name of the novel, author, protagonist, theme, and summary) 4. Declamation: Write your views on the topic – ‘Luck favours those who dare’. (250 words) Note: Write on ruled sheets. Use blue/black gel pen only. Only hand written assignments will be accepted. Write neatly. HINDI


vk/kkj dkMZ D;k gS \ orZeku lanaHkZ esa mldh mi;ksfxrk n’kkZrs gq, mlds fo"k; esa fy[ksaA ujsanzeksnh dk thou ifjp; nsrs gq, xqtjkr dh izxfr ds fo"k; esa fy[kasA ukS jlksa ls lEcfU/kr dkO;ka’k fy[ksa rFkk jlksa ls lEcfU/kr fp= fo"k; oLrq ds lkFk yxk,aA vuqPNsn ys[ku& 100 'kCnksa esaA ¼d½ vkj{k.k& ^^lkekftd fgr ;k futh LokFkZ**A ¼[k½ QS’ku dh nqfu;k fdruh yqHkkouh**A i= ys[ku& ¼d½ vius ftys ds Mkd v/kh{kd dks Mkd forj.k dh vO;oLFkk ds fo"k; esa f’kdk;rh i= fyf[k,A ¼[k½ izFke esa nloha dh ijh{kk mŸkh.kZ gksus ij viuh NksVh cgu dks c/kkbZ i= fy[ksaA MATHS Use Euclid`s divison algorithm to find the HCF of each of the following pairs of numbers: (i) 105,375 (ii) 819,27 (iii) 885,1990


2. 3.

5. 5. 6.



9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

22. 23.

(iv) 330,121 (v) 140,368 (vi) 1290,228 Use Euclid`s division algorithm ti find the HCF of 441 ,567,693 Using Euclid`s division algorithm to find which of the following pairs of numbers are coprime ; (i) 15,98 (ii) 140,156 (iii) 847,2160 (iv) 198,429 Find the greatest positive integer which divides 332 and 447 leaving remainder 2 in each case . Find the largest number that divides 1251 , 9377 and 15628 leaving remainder 1,2 and 3 respectively. There are 48 bottles of products A and 108 bottles of products B . These are to be packed in identical boxes with same number of bottle , one particular product being in one box . Find the maximum number of bottles that should be kept in one pack so that no bottle of product A or B is left behind. There are 24 nuts of same size and 32 bolts of same size . It is required to packet contains equal number of nuts or bolts .What is the maximum number of nuts or bolts that should be kept in each packet?Also find the minimum number of packets that should be formed. A sweet seller has 420 kaju barfis and 130 badam barfis .She wants to stack them in such a way that each stack has same number and they take up the least area of the tray .What is the number of that can be in each stack for this purpose? Prove that the square of any positive integer is of the form 5q,5q+1,5q+4 for some integer q. Show that any positive odd integer is of the form 4q+1 or 4q+3 where q is some integer. Show that the square of an odd positive integer can be of the form 6q+1 or 6q+3 for some integer q. Prove that the square of any positive integer is of the form 3m or 3m+1. For any positive integers n, prove that n3-n is divisible by 6. Show that one and only out of n,n+4,n+8,n+12 and n+16 is divisible by 5, where n is any positive integer. Write the prime factors of 546. Represent each of the following as a product of prime facors: (i) 336 (ii) 92 (iii) 5005 (iv) 1771 Find the[ HCFXLCM] for the numbers 100 and 190. Consider the number 4n, where n is a natural number. Check whether there is any value of n for which 4n ends with the digit zero. Can...
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