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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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“Engaging images shape responders’ understanding of significant ideas within texts”.

An engaging image is an image in which captures the audiences’ attention to recognise it and somewhat have a connection or understanding with it where we may or may or find it interesting. Some reasons that the image may be engaging are that the actual physical image is compelling and attracts the audiences’ eyes to it or a certain text which creates images in our minds to go with the words. Engaging images are supposed to engage the audience to further understand the text/shot/scene as the book or film may be trying to send a significant idea crucial to the text whereas this ‘significant idea’ could be important to understand the text.

The texts discussed further on in this essay will be about the film ‘The Truman Show’, ‘Summer Rain’ by John Foulcher and ‘Guernica’ by Pablo Picasso.


An image is a mental representation or an idea of something we see and can reflect on the audience in different ways. An image can have multiple meanings; it is how the audience observes the image and what meaning they see behind it. The basic term for the word image would be something we would be able to see or visualise from a painting or to a poem that expresses strong images into the audiences’ minds. However a composer most of the time would put the image in place for a certain reason, most likely to plant an idea into our heads. The idea is there for us to further understand the text or to relate to something in the outside world in such ways to convey the composers understanding of society or to provoke a profound idea about society, culture and values.


One of the many significant ideas Peter Weir expresses in his film The Truman Show is the rights of an individual, where as in the film we see the character ‘Truman Burbank’ is somewhat exploited throughout his entire life from birth to the end of the film.
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