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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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In this brief introduction, the image of Native Americans can perhaps be overly simplified that all Europeans treated them bad. That is not the case because many native people were friendly and wanted to share with their newfound friends. Somehow, the circumstances began to go wrong for some Europeans and natives. This essay will discuss three main points about the depiction of the natives and their relationship with the Europeans. A. Christopher Columbus story of dealings with the Native people in Hispaniola. B. Even Bradford discusses his first contact and the Indian’s aloofness. C. Additionally, the difference in the illustration of Native Americans compared to Columbus and Bradford. Unsurprisingly, Columbus made friends with some of the native tribes in Hispaniola, although many of his comrades resented his relationship with the native people. Those tribes did not show any antagonism or aggression towards the new arrivals in the beginning. Yet, the situation between the natives and the Europeans took a turn for the worst; the Europeans ordered them to relinquish all gold metal and to supply women from their tribes (Baym, 2008, p. 24). As time passes, Columbus resurfaced in 1494 scrutinizing the untenable state of affairs of the natives forcefully submitting to an unruly and disagreeable group of settlers. This on-going problem with the Europeans brought no hope for the natives to establish a friendly and equal long lasting relationship. However, Columbus discussion of the problems in Hispaniola, were alike in various ways compared to Bradford’s account of the natives. Similarly, Bradford discussed their encounter with the Native American as fleeting in the beginning. Their search for other people like themselves proved unsuccessful because no other Europeans were in the surrounding area other than nearby Natives. Some Native people kept hiding or running away from Bradford and his party most likely having to do with earlier problems with infectious diseases...
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