Image of Change

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  • Published : June 4, 2011
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Image of change

Two key images of managing change are management as control and management as shaping. Management as control is a top down view of the management it motivates the Fayol theory of management which involves activities such as planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling. Management as shaping is an image which views managing as being about shaping an organization and what happen in it. It also helps in improving the capabilities of people within the organization (Palmer et al 2009: 24).

Author affirmed that there are three key images to change outcomes intended, partially intended and unintended. Intended change is result of planned action. Partially intend Change may need to be transforming after it is initially employed. Unintended change services outside the control of the change manager. Consequently there are six different images that may take place depending on the transformation of the abovementioned images. These images are director, navigator, caretaker, coach, interpreter, and nurturer (Palmer et al 2009: 25).


• Director image is based on image of management as control and of change outcomes as being attainable. So it up to the change manager to direct the company in a way to achieve required change.

• Director image is supported by the n-step models which draws a set of steps that change manager should use to apply no matter what is the change. It also supports contingency theory (Palmer et al 2009: 27).


• Management as Control is still seen as essence of management action, even though a mixture of external factors to managers may accomplish some of intended change outcomes, others will happen because they have little control.

• Navigator is supported by the contextualist or processual theories of change (Palmer et al 2009: 27).


• The change manager’s capacity to manage is severely slow down by a variety of internal and external...
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