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  • Published : September 2, 2010
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I chose to analyze the case study, Tug Of War that was written by Yossi Sheffi and is found in the Harvard Business Review.

Jack Emmons, CEO of Voici Brands realizes that his company is in trouble and a change needs to take place before it is too late in order for the company to succeed and not go out of business. Jack has to address the issues at hand. Jack needs to take a thorough look at the company before deciding what changes need to be implemented. He needs to get his unit managers and board members involved in the process. Before doing this, Jack must approach the unit managers that are suffering the most, review the situation, the impacts that it is having on the unit and then figure out how to deal with the problem. He must also get the support of the unit managers and the board members before going any further with his plan of action. Jack then needs to call a meeting amongst the board members and the unit managers to come up with a strategy on how to approach the change getting ready to be put into action. Jack, along with the board members and the unit managers needs to discuss and come to an agreement on the problem that is facing the company, how they are going to approach the problem to solve it, and how each group will contribute to solving the problem. The results that they expect, away to monitor the progress and when follow-up meetings will occur to discuss how the project is coming along. Each will have a part to play in helping the company to succeed. Jack needs to have this meeting so that everyone in the company will be aware of his proposed plan. Everyone will be involve and voice their opinions, gain interest and share views as to whether they agree to what Jack is about to do.

After the meeting, Jack then needs to draw up an organizational chart. He needs to select a leader to help him execute this plan of action. In the case study of The Tug of War, Jack thought about bringing Ravi and Tony on board. I disagree with this. Jack...
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