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Topics: Psychometrics, Validity, Norm-referenced test Pages: 13 (2781 words) Published: February 13, 2013
In brief: This chapter gives an overview of the selection process, testing concepts, types of tests, and selection techniques. It also addresses legal and ethical questions surrounding the area of testing and selection.

Interesting issues: Most companies desire reference and background information to make employment decisions, however, most companies also have policies against giving out any information on current or past employees beyond basic job titles and dates of employement. Students need to see the tug-of-war between privacy rights and employer needs for background and predictive information.

Lecture Outline

I.The Selection Process

A.Why the Careful Selection is Important



3.Legal Implications and Negligent Hiring

II.Basic Testing Concepts


1.Criterion Validity

2.Content Validity


1.Retest Estimate

2.Equivalent Form Estimate

3.Internal Consistency

C.Sources of Unreliability

1.Poor Sampling of the Material

2.Chance Response Tendencies

3.Testing Conditions

4.Changes in the Person

D.How to Validate a Test

1.Analyze the Job

2.Choose your Tests

3.Administer the Test

a.concurrent validation
b.predictive validation

4.Relate Test Scores and Criteria

Figure 5-3 on page 178 shows a sample expectancy chart.

5.Cross-validation and Revalidation

E.Testing Guidelines

1.Use Tests as Supplements

2.Validate the Tests

3.Analyze All your Current Hiring and Promotion Standards

4.Keep Accurate Records

5.Begin your Validation Program Now

6.Use a Certified Psychologist

7.Test Conditions are Important

III. Ethical and Legal Questions in Testing

A.Equal Employment Opportunity Implications

1.Your Alternatives

a.choose and alternative selection procedure that the test is valid
c.monitor the selection test to see if it has disparate impact

2.Individual Rights of Test Takers and Test Security

3.Research Insight

4.The Issue of Privacy

B.Using Tests at Work

IV.Types of Tests

A.Tests of Cognitive Abilities

1.Intelligence Tests

2.Specific Cognitive Abilities (aptitude)

B.Tests of Motor and Physical Abilities

C.Measuring Personality and Interests

1.Projective Personality Tests

2.Interest Inventories

D.Achievement Tests

Information Technology & HR: Computers--Interactive Performance Test, page 183 of
the text: This dialogue box discusses the use of computers in measuring performance.

V.Work Samples and Simulations

A.Work Sampling for Employee Selection

B.Developing a Work Sampling Procedure

C.Management Assessment Centers

1.Assessment Centers in Practice

D.Video-Based Situational Testing

E.The Miniature Job Training and Evaluation Approach

F.The High-Performance Organization: Skills Testing
pages 189-190 of the text. See discussion boxes solution at end of this chapter.

VI.Other Selection Techniques

A.Background Investigations and Reference Checks



3.Giving Employment References: Know the Law

4.Making Background and Reference Checks More Useful

5.Preemployment Information Services

B.The Polygraph and Honesty Testing

1.Strict limits on use of Polygraph

2.Paper-and-Pencil Tests

3.A Caution


D.Physical Examination

E.Drug Screening

F.Testing, Selection, and Organizational Performance

G.Complying with the Immigration Law

G.Small Business Applications: Testing and Reference Checking

pages 204-206 of the text: see Discussion Boxes solutions at end of this chapter

Discussion Boxes

The High-Performance Organization: Skills Testing
(pages 189-190)

This dialogue box describes the...
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