Im Not Scared

Topics: Core issues in ethics, Good and evil, Virtue Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: June 2, 2010
I’m not scared examines the nature of trust and betrayal.

In the novel “I’m not scared” characters abilities to trust are tested and the temptation of betrayal is felt on numerous occasions. Characters find themselves in positions of having to choose between good and bad, right and wrong and having to decide between family and friends.

Without a whole lot of guidance and role models in his life, Michele Amitrano proves to be a very loyal and trustworthy character, we notice this on such occasions when he’s goes back to help his sister knowing that he will be made to do one of skulls forfeits, and when he takes the forfeit for Barbara When Skull is picking on her. Michele a nine year old is faced having to know whether or not he can trust his own family, when he finds out that they are involved in the kidnapping of filippo. Pino, Michele’s Father is the real and only figure Michele has to look up to and when he realises Pino is involved in the kidnapping he feels betrayed but wants to believe that it isn’t true.

Michele knows what it is like to be betrayed and lonely and that’s what drove Michele to help Filippo and go against his father’s word, when he goes back to visit Filippo, even though he is under strict order not to. As Michele get’s to know Fillipo better, he continues to lose what faith that was left in his father, when he discovers that Filippo is just a normal kid like himself and Filippo’s parents are worried about him. Filippo is in a position where it would be hard to trust anybody but Michele demonstrates persistence with Filippo continuing to go back to visit and build up trust.

Salvatore’s values are very different to Michele’s in that he doesn’t value friendship and family the way Michele does. This contrast is shown in the way that Michele is very family orientated and close with his sister, whereas Salvatore is happy being on his own and is distant from his family and hides away in his room. When Michele tells his secret to...
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