Im Not Scared

Topics: Italian masculine given names, Sin, Bogeyman Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: August 18, 2008
Pino is the Bogeyman, is he evil?
In the story ‘I’m not scared’, written by a creative novelist by the name of Niccolo Ammaniti, Pino Amitrano who has been revealed to committing an atrocious crime and deceiving his son. Pino was a man of morality and honesty who puts his family before everything else, yet filled with impatience and greed that lowered him to doing a kidnap, making him evil. Through a fraction of the story, he was a caring man but soon he had fallen to darkness that did not only make him kidnap Filippo but attempting to murder him as well. Though the beginning shows that he is a short and strong man but he had a big spot in his heart for his family. As the novel progresses, his actions spoke otherwise. Through his little affection of love and high value of his family, he brought gift home. Showing his father side for a while but his short temper made him ignore Michele’s explanation as to why he was home late. Like a brick wall, he shut Michele out by saying “Get out”. The first of many sign of evil. He also spoke crudely towards Michele “…What have you been rolling in? ...Shit? You stink like a pig!” This is also a demonstration of his capability to inflict evil on Michele but mostly Filippo. Further in the story, Pino’s capability to inflict evil was clearer when he encountered Filippo in the hole and discovered the connection with his father. Proof of Pino’s evil was shown by the state Filippo was in. “The dead boy’s skin was dirty, caked with mud and shit. He was naked… eyelids filled with blood…lips were dark and split…all his teethe had gone black.” Pino and the adults treated him like a animal and an item of trade. “He was skin and bone. His ribs stuck out.” Throwing him into a hole and not giving him enough to eat. Giving him scraps of food from home like Maria’s leftover meat that was thought to have been eaten by Pino which was what Teresa said, giving enough food to Filippo so that he would live for the success of the transaction. Pino...
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