Ilm Reflective Review M3.30

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: February 7, 2012
A model of the communication process

Meetings as Oral (verbal) communication need in A&E

As a department we have monthly staff meetings. These are held the first Thursday of every month. They are an hour long running from 07:00hrs. They are usually chaired by the matron with support from senior nursing staff. In reference to the communication process the sender is the matron or any of the speakers present. The channel is the words or information said, this can be supported with handouts. The receiver is the staff present at the meeting. The objective of the meetings is to give staff updates on any changes, or rely any vital information and also to allow staff to pass or share information with colleagues.

The advantages to meetings are :
They are interactive.
Great for instant feedback as staff are given time to feedback within the meeting. Same information is given at same time which is fair and avoids Chinese whisper type of cascading information. The chairperson(sender) can verify if the staff(receivers) all understand instantly.

The disadvantages to meetings are:
Not all staff attend and for those that do they do not all make the 07:00hrs start as it out of working hours. There is no guarantee the ones present are engaged/actively listening all through the meeting. Some staff may shy away from expressing themselves openly in presence of everyone. Potentially high distortion from group chats within meeting, background noises( patient monitoring equipment, air conditioners) as its head within open department.

Noticeboards as written communication need in A&E

As a department with a staff number of at least 200 and working shift rota hours, it's practically impossible to gather them all in one meeting to rely vital information. So we have dedicated staff notice boards which are strategically placed within staffing areas(staff room and by the handover base). I utilise these to post updates on posters in clear large text font...
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