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ILM Project
Award in First Line Management

The level of wasted stock from the pick & mix counter.


The …… is an award winning visitor attraction in the UK . However is also and indeed primarily a conservation and educational charity which aims to entertain and educate visitors on the plight of the……..

The…..houses one of the finest ………….
Onsite there is also a major research, breeding and conservation programmes, which work alongside similar charities worldwide.


I work within various departments of ……., my main role however is in the gift shop, retail department. We are a small team who oversee the running of the gift shop. The department is quite independent in as much as all stock ordering, merchandising, daily floor duties and cashing up and budgets are all done within the team. We are of course influenced by the nature of he attraction and the number of visitors it receives, as well as contributing to the overall spend and revenue of ……… as a whole.

The shop staffing structure is such that all members can take on different roles and duties within the department as required and a hierarchy is therefore sometimes blurred. As the only full time member of staff other than management however, I am the person mostly responsible for the shop in the absence of manager and supervisor.

The main structure of the shop hierarchy is demonstrated below.

(Removed for confidentiality)

Description of problem

The problem we are currently facing is with the high level of waste stock on our pick and mix sweet counter.

The pick and mix is a self service sweet counter, where the customers choose various sweets and mix them into a bag to purchase, this is then weighed to determine the price at the till.
Once sweets are mixed up in a bag but not sold, as the sweets are all different varieties, some sugar coated, icing sugar, mallow and indeed some containing nuts, they become waste.


These problems occur for a number of reasons and can therefore be viewed as a systemic problem, the way the counter operates,
a resource problem - lack of scales to check weight/cost, not enough staff to help a people problem - the actions of the public contribute to the problem an environment problem - the position of the stand and distance from the till. an environmental/ethical problem - the level of wasted stock.


The problem is one which ultimately affects everyone at …….., we can lose sales and profits and so it affects the retail departments overall profits. As the retail department is one of the revenue sectors of the……. as a whole it will therefore reflect in overall profit / loss figures.

Depending on the ways we deal with the problem, we have to consider our levels of customer service. This is particularly important as many of our customers are repeat visitors and we are the last point of contact for many of our guests. We also have the ethical and environmental problems of unnecessary waste

Analysis of problem

As sweets are a very popular choice with many of our customers, we stock a large variety of pick and pick and mix sweets as well as pre-packed £1 sweet bags. The pick and mix by far out sell the pre packed sweets,

Sales of pick and mix in 2008 reaching over £36,000
Sales of sweet bags in 2008 being just under £3,000

As the pre packed sweets are already in stock we have found it difficult to find variety packs so each bag contain only one variety of sweet, we have also had a problem with finding reliable suppliers, which means we are often left without any stock. For these reasons I have not included bought in pre-packed sweets for the rest of this report.

In order to analyse the problem fully, we need to know the amount of stock wasted, profit obtained from the sweets, and if/how these are affected by the school groups. I will try to represent this in the...
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