Ilm Conducting Work Analysis

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Assignment 5.22
Conducting Work Analysis

Understand the need for innovation and change management within the organization

Carlo Gavazzi is a diversified, internationally active electronics group designing, manufacturing and marketing electronic equipment targeted at the global markets of industrial automation and information processing.

Every Company especially where you have production sites, work analysis plays an important role in the day to day operations. It is vital that you will seek those areas that are not giving the correct results and hence take necessary actions to improve those particular areas. Conducting work analysis you have a direct affect on the organisation. So when you are maintaining a process you are improving the organisation performance, by reducing the variations of the process, by removing that activities which have no value to the organisation and by improve your customer satisfaction.
Reducing Variations: - reducing variations you are tackling that processes by focus on the problems. So to reduce variations the best technique to use is the Six Sigma concept. Basically the Six Sigma is a structured investigation methodology and it includes five steps normally known as D.M.A.I.C. (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) by using each of these five application guides you will be minimising, the variation of that particular process.

Remove activities that have no value to the organisation: - to remove these extra activities during the process that have no value to the organisation, one need to use the Lean Concept. This methodology is to remove extra wastes from the normal production process, such wastes are: Motion, Over Processing and Duplication of Work, Rejects and Re-work, Waiting, Transportation, Over Production and the Inventory. Every one of these will have to be identified and studied so that you can minimise and remove those extra processes.

Improve Customer Satisfaction: - Since you need to improve your customer satisfaction you need to improve the quality of your products/services. So first you need to listen to your customers, and then look at your current measures to identify avoidable costs. For this improvement one can use the seven steps to quality improvement, which is doing the right things by,

1. Identify improvements
2. Identify key customers and suppliers
3. Agree requirements
4. Identify gaps

And by doing things right,
5. Describe and analyse the current process
6. Develop and implement solutions
7. Measure an monitor

Process Improvement is very important because process makes 80% of all the problems whilst people problems makes the other 20%. The area that I am responsible of SMD Area, (Surface Mount Devices Department) has been selected so that a work analysis can be conducted. This area was selected because the results were not showing good results and hence the top management decided that that particular area should be analyzed, so as to do corrective action, to change the result and the organisation's strategic objectives will be achieved. Amongst the strategic objectives of the Company there is the Quality of the Products Produced, the total scrap produced and the efficiency of the staff to reach the production targets.

The objectives that are going to be reached are that the efficiency of the section will be increased from 65% to 85% in a period of one year. This will have a great impact in the monthly efficiency measures of the company. since if all of the other sections will be efficient enough and most of them reach their targets, if our section will not reach at least the 85% the total sum will be below average.

Another objective is the scrap that is generated during the production. Normally there will approximately 1000 Euros...
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