Ilm Certificate Building a Team

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Understand how to establish an effective team

Almost every single company or organization depends on their workers skills, experiences, and abilities to work in groups or teams as well as on their own. Big companies are dividing people into departments, process paths or services. Every department has their own groups of individuals which usually forms teams. A Team[i] is group of people linked in a common purpose. Teams are especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity and have many interdependent subtasks. The purpose of good teamwork is to achieve higher results. It is usually visible in increased productivity, quality, attitude to the tasks and inside relations. Being a team lead in one of the worlds leading companies gave me a chance to build my own team. I chose the people from different shift patterns by their skills and experiences, so now the productivity of the department I am leading, increased by 30%. Good relationships or even friendships between team members are also very important. A team based on friendships is always more productive and helps for the business growth. A person from such team will always be more motivated not only to do his own tasks, but also to help his friends just for goodwill, what also helps to increase trust between team members. They will be able to identify weaknesses or strong sides of each other what improves understanding of needs, team commitment and self development. A good example is when you can overtake the task you are stronger at and ask for help or assign the task to another team member who can lead it in a better way. Another benefit of being a team member is reduced stress at work. By doing the given task with a team is much more psychologically easier than doing the same task on your own. In fact, according to a working conditions in European Union survey made in 1996 by European life and improvement foundation, 28% of all the workers has health problems...
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