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Ilm Building the Team

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Developing and maintaining trust at work
Developing and maintaining trust is essential in securing a happy and successful team. Key elements of gaining trust are mutual respect, trustworthiness, consistency and communication. These can all be displayed by evidence of good values, knowledge of ones job, and discipline. More importantly is the knowledge that trust is a 2 way street and although often leaving us in a vulnerable state, making a calculated judgement using the above we can put our trust in someone and in turn look to gain the trust from others with a view to cementing better working relationships and developing our team. Another key element is confidentiality, without it trust can easily be lost. Whether it be over personal or professional matters it is a must to uphold the confidentiality and trust of all within your team. For example sharing details of anothers salary could undermine others within the team and perhaps affecting a sense of team menbers self worth having a detrimental affect on moral and jepordising team spirit and causing a massive disruption to productivity which can easily be avoided by maintaining confidentiality.

Building the team
Firstly to explain the difference between groups and teams. Groups comprise of a number of people being co-ordinated by one other all sharing a common goal but only requiring one source of instruction and no need to rely on anyone else within that group. For example im a representative for norland as an Energy Champion. 1 Norland representative from each site will periodically meet as a GROUP to learn of any new developments or initatives in saving energy for our clients. Each take the knowledge given by the energy manager and utilise it as they see fit at each of there relevant sites. What one energy champion does on his/her site has no relevance to any other.

However a team thrives on the harmonisation, communication of each of its members to progress as efficiently as possible to strive...

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