Ilm 3 Communication

Topics: Debate, Nonverbal communication, The Contractor Pages: 4 (785 words) Published: November 7, 2011
The Impact of Non Verbal Communication

Meeting a contractor to discuss changes to the website,

Alternative options were to e-mail, or telephone.

By meeting, it enabled us to ensure there was sufficient time set aside to cover all the issues that were pre-arranged for discussion, and also any further matters arising as a result of our discussion.

Meeting in person also helps build a better professional relationship, particularly at the earlier stages, as there are more opportunities for discussing other work-related opportunities, and develop personal understanding of each other i.e. building a rapport.

I dressed smartly for the meeting so that I was taken seriously. My notes were laid out and organised so the contractor could see that I was taking the meeting seriously.

Listening carefully was an important non-verbal behaviour, as we were discussing technicalities, and it was important that I understood what the contractor would do for us, and that he understood what I – as his client – wanted exactly. This was re-enforced by steady eye-contact, which showed that both of us were concentrating on what the other was saying. In so doing, this will avoid misunderstandings arising at a later stage.

By sitting side by side we were relaxed with each other and our body language was open and not confrontational. Hand actions were used when stressing points, but not overused to make the meeting strained or frenetic.

We both took notes throughout the discussion, and I wrote these up afterwards. I then used them as the basis of an e-mail to the contractor, which confirmed what I believed we had agreed, for him to amend or agree.

Once agreed, I also filed a hard copy on the contractor’s file. Such records provide a point of reference if any dispute arises at a later stage.

Interviews In The Workplace


An annual appraisal for a member of staff.


Set a date, time and place that is mutually convenient for myself, and...
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