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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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Tiffany Teichert
Illustrative Essay
October 27, 2010
English 99
Ben Martin

“Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins”.  This old Native American proverb means that you should get to know someone before you decide to judge them negatively.  Most people in this world judge people negatively very often without knowing the person.  People are judged on nearly everything about themselves.  Some popular ways people are judged would be based on their age, gender, culture, religion, and appearance. Many people judge based on age and gender, many jobs tend to do this when they want a certain type of person working for them.  We are taught as children that males are stronger and more aggressive than females, because females are meant to be quiet and take care of the family.  Also, most people believe that anyone under the age of thirty cannot be responsible because they are still “children”, and they do not know anything about the real world.  There is really not much of a difference between males or females, and age is not always something to determine a person's responsibility.   Everyone in this world has a different view on culture and religion, and not everyone holds the same opinions, and beliefs.  Culture shows us how to see and understand our world.  Our culture comes from our backgrounds, and ancestors.  Religion helps people shape their culture; there are many different religions in the world.  Religion allows people to share their hopes and fears with people in the community with the same religious views.  Stereotyping statements may be true for many people within a culture, however there are many within each culture for which it is not true. Stereotyping a culture is a used as a way to try and “fix” the culture. When stereotypes form for different cultures people begin to assume things about others, for example if you have a big nose you are Jewish, even if it isn’t true. This is why stereotyping is not an appropriate...
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