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  • Published : August 5, 2012
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Lazy Americans: Illustrative essay

In our society, everything has been made easier for us. Instead of walking we have cars, children rather stay inside and play video games then play outside with their friends, and now you don’t have to take a trip to go visit your family you can just Skype with them. Many Americans are used to having the easy way for everything. These are not all dangerous inventions, except something what I like to call the drive thru to obesity; fast food restaurants that is.

As a nation that is always on the go and looking ahead to the next thing, instead of what’s happening in the here and now, it makes sense that fast food has become so popular. Many people use the excuse that they are probably too busy or in a rush to go home and cook a healthy meal and would rather just spend a few dollars at a fast food restaurant. For example, my family was always doing activities and we had no time to eat at home. We finally decided that we needed to at least make time for family dinner since my parents saw how much money we would spend on eating out. I think we should stop making excuses for everything and to please our instant gratification. We should cook healthy meals or just eat at a restaurant and eat something healthy.

What many people don’t understand is that what they are eating is so injurious to their bodies. Our nation, compared to the other nations, is pretty heartbreaking. We have the most obese people in the world. We are pretty much the laughing stock to everyone else, because they think we are just some fat, lazy Americans. If many nations are able to work and have busy schedules and manage to eat healthy, than we can too.

What many people don’t realize is that, yea there are a lot of obese people, but there are a lot of people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. We should take action instead of being laughed upon. By doing this, we would not only be the strongest nation overall but also the...
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