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Illustration Essay
Good Teacher
In my last 15 years of school I’ve had many good teachers as well as bad teachers, but none of them compare to my football coach/computer teacher Mr. Pasch. Mr. Pasch not only taught me a lot about computers and football, but also much more about life. Mr. Pasch taught me that quitters never win, that when you quit the first time it will be easier to quit again and for the rest of your life you will always quit when it gets hard. Mr. Pasch installed in me his discipline, respect and motivation.

Mr. Pasch came to my high school my junior year as our new football coach and I didn’t like him because he was replacing my old coach, but he seemed to know what he was talking about not only in football but in life. Mr. Pasch was one of the most understanding teachers I’ve ever had, not only was he a teacher of football and computers but most importantly he was a teacher in life as I became a young adult. Mr. Pasch taught me very good discipline within myself as well as with others. I wasn’t a very good listener especially when it came to teachers until Mr. Pasch made a way for me to relate what teachers were saying so I was able to understand it. I was never able to relate math to my real life epically algebra Mr. Pasch helped me relate those confusing math numbers so that I could understand them. Also, Mr. Pasch taught me lots of self discipline, I learned that whenever life becomes difficult you can’t just pack it in and quit, you must work hard and hard work never goes unrewarded. I remember those summer workouts we had starting in May there was plenty of physical work that would go into summers throughout the season I would see the rewards of my work through winning games.

Respect for authority was never one of my strong suits, I learned after experience as well as through Mr. Pasch’s teaching that authority is there for a reason and they’re just doing their job, whether its teachers, parents, or officials. On the...
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