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Topics: Education, Teacher, Knowledge Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Sydney Samuelson
Hour 1
Albert Einstein once said “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” This is key in learning, but what is one to do when everybody teaches differently. Teachers must try to accommodate the need of every student, which is difficult because there are twenty or more students in every class with differing learning styles. Most people know how they learn, but some are still trying to figure out how to fully comprehend what they are learning.

A teacher tried meeting everybody's needs. She taught history, a subject that needs a different approach than many other subjects. In order to do well one must to fully understand why and how something happened. Without a background and understanding, the events of history aren't significant. She showed examples of how something happened, while going into deep explanations while she was presenting the information. She displayed were photos, movies, music, or even acted events out. The stories she told helped students understand the information while giving them the background the students needed on why it was happening, or how it was happening. Making it relate to the student made them care more. Part of the reason she taught this way is because she knew she was teaching students challenging material, but made it possible to have a full understanding. Another teacher teaches by working problems out and showing students examples, then makes them work the problem while she works it on the board. This is helpful in classes like math and physics. She does well in teaching the information, and making sure everyone understands. Telling students how to do a problem step-by- step helps them have a clear concise understanding of the steps to complete when working the problems or equations. This attempt is helping students who learn by watching something be done or listening to how to do something all at once. Once she feels they understand she makes...
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