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  • Published : January 3, 2012
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Tiffany Hope
Illustration essay

Why are Americans obsessed with reality TV?

In today’s world, reality TV shows have the highest rating in network television. Reality television has certain qualities that can keep someone hooked. It has Americans going overboard to the point where they are becoming obsessed. Americans are obsessed with the drama, fame lifestyle, and publicity of reality TV.

Drama, drama, and more drama, who doesn’t like some good drama? Americans are obsessed with TV drama. It is interesting to people to see someone backstab a friend and see how they resolve their issues. The TV show draws out these issues over a few episodes to keep the suspense. Doing this keeps Americas’ mind on edge. Some drama is funny, like people fighting. People are drawn to physical altercations. For some reason they seem to enjoy the fact that people are making a fool of them. Americans like the fact that the drama is on TV and not in their personal lives. That makes it more fun to watch.

The lifestyle has Americas’ eyes glued to reality television. The people on these shows seem to have it all; the flashy clothes and jewelry. America loves the club life also. The clubs on TV show how much fun one can have. These TV shows often show the glitz and glamour of people’s lives to get America watching. Americans love to see people just live without a care. They buy whatever they want no matter how much it cost. These are some rich and fancy lifestyles that everyone wouldn’t mind having.

Americans love publicity. People go on these shows so their face can be seen and show off. They love the attention; and the fact that cameras follow their every move. Reality TV is the quickest way to fame. A lot of people seem to love the idea of quick fame. But people should be careful because there are two kinds of publicity; good and bad.

The fame lifestyle, publicity, and drama have Americans obsessed with reality TV. This is how they get their...
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