Illustration Essay

Monae Price
Instructor Matt Bogdan
English 101: Basic Composition I
11 September 2012
Life Challenges
People go through many life changes. Some people have an easy life which becomes hard; others have a hard life which becomes easier. People who accept their challenges and deal with them learn how to cope with them. Then there are others who run away from their problems. Although having struggles are common, people tend to fight with their struggle. My biggest problem growing up was abandonment, lack of trust, and aggression. I have dealt with abandonment by not having my mother and father in my life. It was hard but I overcame it. I used to think; “Why do they not want me?”; “What did I do?”; “Is it my fault?” These were the questions I would ask myself. As I grew older my eyes were opened to what not having my mother and father was like. My adopted mother is my great aunt she tried her best to make me not think of my parents. When she sent me to Christian school in 3rd grade it hurt me. The kids at the school were judgmental, materialistic, and boastful. They all had a mother and father and had everything they wanted. At least that’s what I thought at the time. I felt like I was a poor child in a rich world. Yet I was richer than them all, rich in wisdom, ambition, and love. In my early teenage years lack of trust became my friend. I did not trust anyone. When I turned 13 my birth mother told me she was coming to take me out to celebrate. I was extremely overjoyed and could not wait to see her. I sat, and sat, and sat all day long waiting for her and she never showed up. I began to get upset and knew she was never going to come. This was not the first time she had done this; it was just one of many and many more to come. As the years continued I lost trust in everything my friends, family, and even myself. Not being able to trust anyone is a cold world. In this cold world I too became cold. I became non-chalet with not a care in the world. I lost my...
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