Illustration Composition on the Changing Music Industry

Topics: Social network service, Internet, MySpace Pages: 2 (884 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The Internet in the modern world is used for everything from buying a house, paying your bills, taking classes online, or buying the newest album from your favorite music group or artist. With the single push of a button you can have an entire discography of a famous artist or group such as the Beatles or a single that you like from a local band you heard playing at the bar last weekend. Artists and bands like the Beatles did not have this new tool called the Internet to get their sound out into the world. They relied on their record label to produce, record, advertise, and distribute their music. Unfortunately, your favorite local band does not have a record label to do this for them. Thankfully, since the invention of the Internet and the explosion of the digital format of music, social networking sites, and online music stores, artists can now create, advertise, and distribute music on their own without having to rely on big record companies. Not long ago artists had to spend hours in a studio recording a single song and even more hours editing and tweaking that song. With the digitization of music, artists today do not need a record label or a professional music studio to record decent sounding music. This can now be accomplished by basically anyone who is somewhat musically talented and has access to a computer with basic recording equipment. With these items one can write, record, and edit a song in no time. If an artist is prepared, they can create an entire album in one day. Once this is done, the song or album can be placed directly onto a CD, or just be created into a digital music file and uploaded to the Internet. However, this is just the first step in circumventing the need for big record companies. Social networking sites such as MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have recently launched small time bands and artists into superstardom. Today, MySpace is all but extinct. At one time it was a decent place for getting recognized as...
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