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A few contemporary singers work hard to send a positive message. For instance, nine Grammy Award and four American Music Award recipient Mary J. Blige fit in this group of singers. After being sexually abused and molested as a child it left her feeling ashamed. This awful thing stayed with her throughout her life as an adult. Feeling that this all was her fault led her to believe that she was worthless. The emotional pain grew and as a teenager Mary turned to men and drugs for escape.

In 2000 Mary J. Blige found love with her music producer Kendu they married in 2003. He was the push she needed to finally sober up and make a life change. Now a born again Christian Mary positive reviews are endless. After acknowledging her painful past she wrote a large number of songs, basing them on her personal life. In one of her songs titled “Stronger” she explains that whatever doesn’t kill you make you stronger in life. Also how she learned that it’s ok to be vulnerable. It’s ok to need someone. It’s ok to say “I don’t need you”. That’s what made her stronger. Another song called “Each Tear” here she states that in each tear there’s a lesson. Each tear will make you stronger and wiser than before. Each tear will indeed bring you closer to your dreams. In 2006 Mary did a powerful duet with the group U2. A re-recorded song called “One”. This song was released as a benefit single. The proceeds went toward aids research. This song was about homosexuals and their relationships with their unaccepting family members. In this song she’s basically saying that the only acceptable path is one, in which problems are solved and people learn to live positively. In all regret of dropping out of school Mary decided to finally get her GED. With this achievement she began touring schools, trying to send across the message that education was the most important thing and that the students needed to stay in school. Don’t drop out. Like...
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