Illusion: Grey and Square

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Part One:

The checker shadow illusion is a check board which is color light grey and dark grey in different squares and green cylinder object that is place on right side corner that cast a shadow over the middle of the board diagonally. In addition, there are two square labeled “A” which is located at the top corner edge outside of the shadow of the cylinder and the square label “B” is located at the center of the board and under the shadow of the cylinder. When I view the illusion and asked myself which one is darker I would immediately say the square label “A” is darker. However, it is wrong what I stayed because in fact square “A” and “B” are exactly the same color. The optical illusion is that square “A” appears darker than square “B” but as I identified before it is the same color. The person viewing this illusion would say square “A” is darker because of the surrounding context that is created in the image. In other words, if Square “A” and “B” were place next to one other without anything else in the picture they would see it’s the same. We are fooled by this image because our brain makes up a world inside our head based on what is in the surrounding environment. In this illusion, the cylinder causing the shadow makes the brain perceives the color to be lighter that is actually is and causing us to see it that way.

Part Two:

The illusion that I have chosen I believe is the one that will continue to fool me no matter how much I study it. I came back an hour later and viewed illusion. My prediction what in fact correct because I found that it still had the same effect on me. I know that square “A” and “B” is the same color but I still see that they are different color.

Part Three:
My prediction is that they all say that square “A” is darker and the second time they see it that they will say the same thing; knowing that they are the same.

Fathima (my niece):
Initial response: She said that square “A” is darker than “B”...
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