Illumination Essay: Define Myth

Topics: Religion, Human, Mythology Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: September 8, 2012
Illumination Essay: Define Myth
Mythology, it has been defined as an imaginary or fictitious thing or person or even a story that explains the worldview of a society. Edith Hamilton believes Mythology is to show how the human race felt and thought years ago. Many people have their own belief of what mythology is, but from my perspective mythology as a unproven story of superhuman beings of ancient age attempting to teach the human race the morals of life. Mythology is like science. We need to understand that the ancients believed their myths to be true, as much as people believe that science is true.These stories, myths, don't spring out of nothing. Somewhere in the dim past there are actual things that did exist and did happen that were the details for these stories, we just need to reveal them.

Mythology can as comparison to christianity. Some people believe them both to be untrue when they technically have not been proven. Though christianity is about Monotheistic belief as in there is one God, unlike mythology which is Polytheistic as in there are different kinds of gods for different kinds of things, they both still have similarities with in its religion. For example, in the bible Samson is betrayed by his wife Delilah and likewise for Hercules and his wife Deianeira. They also both cover a great floods destroying mankind as a punishment. They both have answers for the mysteries of life. In Greek mythology they believe Pandora opened a forbidden box and released all evil into the world and the christians believe it was eve.
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