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Manar khateeb
Mr. Carli

Persuasive (Final Draft)

Com 102 6:30

March 20, 2011

The Illuminati

The illuminati are a secret society that infiltrated government to rule the world. It all started in Bavaria on May 1st 1776 by group of European higher ups lead by Adam Weishaupt. Adams philosophy was that the Illuminati should one day rule the world with a one world government, or a new world order. Adam Weishaupt said, “The great strength of our order lies in its concealment, let it never appear in any place in its own name, but by another name, and another activity. None is fitter than freemasonry. the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore will take little notice of it.”(Dr. Adam Weishaupt) with this being said the illuminati worked in secret and are still in existence today, running the world from behind the scenes. I myself am against this entire idea and against these careless monsters trying to enslave humanity. I hope that with this your eyes will be opened as well.

From late 1776 and on this order of the illuminati infiltrated Masonic lodges all over Belgium, Austria, France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, hungry, and Italy. These people were spreading rapidly. They stated that the plan for the new world order could not be successfully executed in any other way than through secret societies that gradually over threw and infiltrated government. The Aluminized Masonic symbolism is all over America, on the back on the dollar bill it says, ‘annuit coeptis’. This means ‘a crowned success’. And beneath it says, ‘novus ordo seclorum’, which means ‘new world order’. Together it is saying ‘new world order is now a success’. This was put on the dollar bill in 1934, 1934 us when the Federal Reserve took total control of the United States monetary system. The fed is controlled by two illuminati member families, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschild.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt a 32nd degree Scottish freemason placed the seal on the back of the dollar bill. also, the number thirteen is everywhere on the bill, there are thirteen steps on the pyramid, thirteen olives leaves and berries, thirteen arrows, thirteen stripes on the shield, thirteen stars above the eagles head. Now many people believe that the number thirteen is on the bill due to the thirteen colonies of America. This is indirect reverse psychology, the number thirteen appears in genesis 14:4 “they had served chedorlamer for 12 years, and on the thirteenth year they rebelled.” these people are rebelling against the natural divine order. Thirteen also represent the thirteen top families of the illuminati families that were traced back to the late 18th century and early 19th century.

Another shocking fact is that the eagle has 32 feathers on the right wing the number of degrees in Scottish freemasonry, the left wing, with 33 feathers represents the thirty-third degree, and the 9 tail feathers represent the 9 degrees of York freemasonry. The higher degrees perform many rituals, which are mostly sacrifices. They perform these rituals on checkered floors. The checkered floor represents the crossing between black and white, good and bad, light and dark. Their plan is disturb this balance and bring dark and evil, against light and good.

Illuminati members communicate through symbolism and code, ensuring that their society stays secret. The pyramid and the all Seeing Eye completing it at the top, is the same as the British intelligence serves symbol. This is a symbol of power, saying that they have the power over the rest of the world. They are in control, and whatever move they make they mean it regardless of what the people might think of it, especially when it comes to choosing a new president. “In politics nothing is accidental if something happens, be assumed it was planned this way”

In 1921 one of the Rockefeller family members David Rockefeller, founded the ‘Council of Foreign Relations which is the...
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