Illiteracy: Wide Spread in Different Degrees

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Illiteracy is known to be wide spread in different degrees. Some people have almost no ability to read or to write, while others can read or write some but not very well. Therefore, illiteracy sometimes may not be recognized if a person can read or write a little but not very much. Not all illiterate people are completely incapable of reading and writing. While some would like to find out who to blame, there is enough blame to share among many people. Even teachers are not free of blame for the spread of illiteracy. There are three reasons that teachers should take some responsibility for wide spread illiteracy.

The first reason is that teachers are responsible to teach at their school, because that is the first place that people go to learn. As part of their job, teachers need to help students to improve their skills, such as reading, writing and comprehension. In other words, teachers have responsibility to help people to improve their knowledge because that is part of their job. If the teachers don’t apply themselves in their jobs, and make constant efforts to teach, the students will not learn. Teachers should have the support necessary to make students strengthen their literacy skills, but they still have the responsibility of trying to improve their students.

The second reason is students and parents expect teachers to combat illiteracy because no one else has so much time with the students in a place where they can study, away from television, games, and other distractions. Teachers play an important role in the life of the students, because teachers help them to meet various challenges. For example if a student have problem understanding complex context, parents can help them, but teachers have better strategies to help them. In short, teachers are part of everyone’s community and they are better equipped than other people to teach students to read and write. Just as police officers are relied upon to do their jobs and to help their community...
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