Illiteracy in Usa

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Been Illiterate has a negative effect in life. Can you imagine not been able to eat what you want to eat at a restaurant or not been able to go out to any place because you do not know how to go back home. In USA, approximately 60 million people are illiterate. In the story “The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society” Jonathan Kozol discuss how illiteracy is powerlessness. To be able to have democracy we need to have principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community. Kozol believes that democracy is false and untruthful when illiterates do not have the knowledge to understand their rights, causing a negative effect in the political construction.

Illiterate parents cause a negative effect by limiting the education to their children and making this unfair for their learning and their ability to have a successful life. For instance, “They cannot help with homework, they cannot write a letter to the teacher, they are afraid to visit their classroom and they do not want to humiliate their children or themselves”. Illiterate parents are not active with their children education and this causes a poor educational support for them. Illiterate parents do not give the courage that is required so their children can have an education; consequently, their children end up following their parents steps.

The government makes illiterates life easier by placing illustrational sings instead of writing signs. Illustrational signs are easier to understand, but in reality is causing them a more negative effect than a positive effect because they will remain been illiterates. If you think about it, the government is not helping them to succeed; they are just helping them to feel more comfortable to their surroundings. I hope that illiterates can understand the big negative effect that has on them, and soon they can make a decision to attend school. By acquiring the necessary knowledge, they can survive to all the disadvantages that they are now...
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