Illinois Concealed Carry Law

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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Illinois Concealed Carry Law

Residents don’t have the right to protect themselves by carrying a concealed weapon! Some residents of Illinois argue that they should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon to protect themselves and their loved ones. Currently, Illinois is the only state in the United States that doesn’t allow its citizen’s the option to carry a gun for protection. Given the high rate of crime in Illinois, many residents feel that they deserve to be able to carry a gun. However, opponents of this feel that allowing residents to carry concealed weapons would make the state a more dangerous place to live.

Supporters of concealed weapons argue that they are needed for protection. According to Neighborhood Scout, an internet site that records crime statistics for each state in the U.S., they report that one in every thirty-seven people living in Illinois are the victims of property crime. It is also reported that one in every two hundred twenty-nine Illinois residents is the victim of a violent crime. Although the law enforcement in Illinois does the best they can, these statistics prove that more needs to be done because clearly Illinois is not the safest place to live. There are so many cases of batteries and robberies because of the lack of people being able to properly protect themselves. If an upstanding citizen has the ability to possess a firearm, the rate of attacks from criminals would greatly decrease. Criminals would be less likely to attack someone if they know that their potential victim could be carrying a gun. Allowing citizens to carry a concealed weapon would help decrease the crime rate in Illinois, making it a more desirable place to live.

Opponents of concealed carry would argue that allowing residents to carry a weapon would make Illinois a more dangerous place, especially for children. One could argue that having a gun in the house wouldn’t help to protect your family, but it could actually hurt your...
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