Illigel Immigrant

Topics: Illegal immigration, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: January 24, 2013, OCTOBER 13, 2008

Did you noticed about the case of illegal immigrant in Sabah for the past month ago. This case has shown us the negative effects of illegal immigrants to our country. There are a few definition of illegal immigrant. From Longman Dictionary it states also known as Legal Alien where he or she comes to live in another country without official permission while from New Oxford Dictionary it states a person who has come into a foreign country to live there permanently but not allowed by law. Then I will show you the statistic if illegal immigrants in our country according to the country involved. The total numbers of illegal immigrant in our country is 800000. From the chart, we can see that Indonesia is at first rank, which states 300000, and at second place is Bangladesh with 250000 followed by Philippines, Myanmar and others. There are many effects bring by these illegal immigrants to our country. First Poverty, illegal immigrants traditionally entered the country in search of higher wages than those achievable in their home countries. When these illegal immigrants have fulfilled the working sector, local people is unemployed, when unemployment increase, poverty also will increase. Second is slavery which means this means another person and work own someone for them for no money. They had done informal work, which paid unfairly amount of money. People been kidnapped into slavery as labor for example in the factory. Third is prostitution. It is someone especially a women, who earned money by having sex with other people. It referred to the smuggling of women for the purpose of forced prostitution. This is also will lead to HIV virus in other hand it will increase the amount of death in our country. Fourth is rape which means crime of forcing someone to have sex especially by violence. Malaysia women feel very unsecured about this matter. Fifth is crime, which means...
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