Illigal Immigrants

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Time, Present Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Illegal immigrants

In a present time, it became very popular to blame illegal immigrants in all-economical problems that we have in US. Some people blame them for not paying taxes, other for "living off the taxpayers." Can we blame on them? I believe that all immigrants who do not have the proper documents are not "welfare cheats" and are not "living off the taxpayers" and I will provide arguments to prove from the book “Food, Inc.” and my friend’s experience. The first strong arguments that illegal immigrants are not "welfare cheats" and are not "living off the taxpayers" is that they are working for substandard wages in terrible condition. When I was reading the book “Food, Inc.” my attention was caught by information about the illegal immigrants that work at California’s strawberry industry. I was very surprised by comments of the governor of California, Peter Wilson. He said that illegal immigrants were “welfare cheats” and they came to California to “live off taxpayers.” I disagree with him because, from the author’s words during the year in which illegal immigration to California had increased, the number of farm workers had raised too. Twenty years ago in Santa Maria Valley it was around 800 acres of strawberries; in the present time that number has been increasing in seven times. It means that the number of illegal workers have increased about the same times. Strawberry is row crops that require only picking up by hand. Only people without a choice for other jobs in this country could work for substandard wages in terrible weather condition. The second argument that supports my opinion is my friend’s personal experience. My friend Sasha who works as a truck driver in Chicago, very often has ride to Santa Maria Valley. He told me about the endless green fields and the smell of strawberries. From his words, only illegal workers from South America worked at the fields. During six-month season work they could make around $5,000. From this money a...
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