Illiad Role of Women

Topics: Iliad, Trojan War, Woman Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: November 2, 2010
The Iliad Role of Women
The role of women is very different than the role of men, because when a woman gets married or becomes a mother her duties are to take care of the house and family and to make sure that everything at home is on task and in order. The woman is supposed to respect the orders of the husband, vice versa, but in a man’s view the lady should respect the man more. The roles of Hecuba and Andromache represent the roles of women in Greek society, but as for Helen it doesn’t. Hecuba and Andromache are the good type, but Helen caused a catastrophe with her beauty. The women’s role in Greek society is very much like today’s, except the fact that women must stay home. Hecuba represented the role of women in Greek society by being a loving, caring, protective, assertive mother to her two sons, Paris and Hector. She would be classified as maternal from all of her qualities and characteristics. Ex. When Paris kidnapped Helen, Hecuba got very angry with that and became aggressive towards her. Andromache represented the role of women in Greek society, by being the ideal wife and that was by staying home, taking care of the baby, and also caring for her husband Hector. Her and Hector are a close couple because when Hector was leaving to fight he went and kissed his wife and child in case he didn’t come and said goodbye. She showed good qualities of being a real wife in Greek society. Lastly, Helen did not represent a good role to the women in Greek society, because she was supposed to stay home and not go out, but she rebelled and went out even thought her beauty was AMAZING. Paris came and kidnapped her which led to a big catastrophe. Menelaus of course became very angry, because Paris just kidnapped his wife and that led to war. The roles of Hecuba and Andromache were a good representation to the Greek society, but again Helen’s wasn’t because she rebelled against the rules and did not follow orders.
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