Illegal Logging in Balete, Aklan

Topics: Deforestation, Erosion, Global warming Pages: 20 (5633 words) Published: March 14, 2013

Rationale of the Study
Now a day’s many people suffered from flash floods. It is all because of tremendous illegal logging. The careless and jeopardizing attitude of human being that contributes the devastation of our forest. Seems like people are not aware about the effects of all of this in nature, environment, health and living. Commonly the primary causes of these were cutting mature trees without permit from DENR (Department of Environment of National Resources). All these activities were use in basic needs including fuel, shelter, furniture, building and houses. Illegal logging is a pervasive problem causing enormous damage to forest, local communities and to economics of producer countries healthy forest are vital to earth.

Since this problem arises throughout the Philippines, which has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. At the current rate of deforestation, about 2.1 percent annually, the country’s virgin forests are in danger of disappearing. The clearing of forests has contributed to soil erosion, a serious problem in the Philippines due to heavy monsoon rains. The Philippine government imposed restrictions on logging in the late 1970s and banned logging in virgin forests in 1991, but illegal and often corrupt activities undermine these efforts. Reforestation programs have met with limited success. About 5 percent of the land in the Philippines is designated for preservation in parks and other reserves.

Common sense, we all know that trees are important in our daily lives. But in case you had forgotten its enormous essence lets recap first. Perhaps the most important ecological function of trees is protecting the land against erosion, the wearing a way of topsoil due to wind and water. The trunks and branches of trees provide protection from the wind, and tree roots help solidify soil in times of heavy rain. In addition, trees and forests store water reserves that act as buffers for the ecosystem during periods of drought. In many areas the removal of forests has resulted in costly floods and subsequent droughts. Trees and forests also provide habitat, protection, and food for many plant and animal species. In addition, they play an important role in global climate and atmosphere regulation—the leaves of trees absorb carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen that is necessary for life. For a forest to a healthy and many interrelated forest must be present and functioning properly. Forest change naturally as the years goes by. This change is called succession begins, whenever there is a disturbance in the forest the process of succession begins. Enemies of the forest includes insects, wildlife, air pollution, poor land use practices while a certain level of insect and disease, damage is natural human have unintentionally. Forestry is the science and art of managing forests have unintentionally. Forestry is the science and art of managing forests to produced wood and non-woods goods large scale gardening or farming to produced wood and non-woods and services. It can be thought of as large scale gardening or farming to produce foods and fiber crops. Professional forestry begins with United States, in response to poor forest use. United States in response to poor forest use, they specialize in researching how the forest functions managing forest functions; managing forest fire insects damage and disease and teaching students, the public and land owners how to protect & manage their forests. Theoretical Background

The most important underlying causes of unsustainable forest activities, i.e illegal logging, are market and government failures (Pearce and Brown, 1994). Market failure for tropical forestry arises as a result of missing markets for environmental services and other open access public goods (Peace, 2000).

Illegal logging is the most direct threat in the Philippines remaining tropical forests. There is clear evidence that illegal and corrupt...
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