Illegal Immigration: Mr. Ramirez in LA

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Task 1) Summarize briefly why Mr Ramirez came to Los Angeles and why he has to leave.

“Obviously” enough Mr Ramirez came to Los Angeles in the search for a better job and life. Well job, he had a job during the war at an airplane factory making parts, and he kept this job after the war. The reason he had to leave was because he wasn’t allowed to stay there any longer, because his temporary visa was no longer valid. He was there six months too long as well, so the police came and picked him up, to send him back to Mexico.

There is a famous saying that is nothing more American than Mom and apple pie. This story’s “mom” just happens to be baking a pie. She looks at her pie and compares it to Mr Ramirez. What attitude toward Mr Ramirez does this comparison encourage? I think our writer; Ray Bradbury wanted to show that illegal immigrants also are human beings. Ray wanted to show that these illegal immigrants can have a positive influence on others. I even think that Mrs O’Brien likes Mr Ramirez more than just a friend; I think she likes him even more. The way she said “I just realized, I’ll never see Mr Ramirez again” made me think that. She says in a very sad way, like if she lost something very valuable to her. In all those American movies, the moms are very happy for their pies, and they let the pie’s stand in the window frame, and then someone comes and steals it. And now, someone came and took her pie, which is Mr Ramirez. Task 2) B

We are given a detailed description of what Mr Ramirez likes about his room, what he spends his money on and what he likes to do in Los Angeles. What do these details reveal to us about why Mexicans like living in the USA? These descriptions start right after “Soon after Mr Ramirez had arrived..:” just like it wasn’t possible for him to do before he came. Pleasures that are harder to achieve in countries like Mexico are more easily attainable in USA, which is the land where your dreams come true, isn’t it? USA makes it easier for good, hard-working people to be something, and live more greatly. “Walked silent streets and seen the bright clothes in the windows and bought some of them” Is one of the things he likes to do. He likes to do it, and he does it, the recipe for success. I guess that in Mexico, these things are harder.

Task 2) C
Mrs O’Brien has been to Mexico. What did she notice? Why do you think all the negative sides of Mexico are in the thoughts of Mrs O’Brian and not Mr Ramirez? Mrs O’Brian remembers the hot days, the endless crickets leaping and falling or lying dead and brittle like the small cigars in the shop windows. She remembers the canals taking river water out to the farms, the dirt roads, and the scorched landscape. She remembers the silent towns, the warm beer, and the hot, thick food every day. She remembers the slow, dragging horses and the parched jack rabbits on the road. She remembers the Iron Mountains and the dusty valleys and the ocean beaches that spread hundreds of miles with no sound but the waves – no cars, no buildings. I believe that the reason Mrs O’Brien think of all the negative sides, and Mr Ramirez doesn’t is because he is used to them. These conditions, this land she came across during her visit is much more of a shock to her, than to Mr Ramirez.

Task 2) D
Both Mr Ramirez and Mrs O’Brian are suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of loss at his leaving. Why did the writer not just have Mr Ramirez being sad about never seeing Mrs O’Brian again? I think our writer; Ray Bradbury wanted to show that illegal immigrants are also human beings. Ray wanted to show that these illegal immigrants can have a positive influence on others. As well, I think that the whole story may last in just a couple of minutes, so the author focuses more on detailed description of the character’s story and experience to give us readers a bigger picture, if not the text could be meaningless and quite short.

Task 3) A
Is this a story that...
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