Illegal Immigration (Controversial Essay)

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration, Immigration Pages: 6 (1946 words) Published: February 16, 2011
“A nation penetrated every year by some 300,000 illegal aliens…is not a nation experiencing ‘immigration.’ It is a nation experiencing invasion.” (Haerens 109). For centuries, our nation has been a safe haven for people of different cultures and nationalities to inhabit. Since the beginning of America as we know it, our society has been considered a “melting pot” for all ethical backgrounds. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, Europeans flocked to the “New World” in hopes of a more prosperous life. Since then, immigration to the United States has exponentially increased.

During the times of the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s, and Ellis island in the early 1900’s, an even larger mass of migrants bombarded into our country in hopes that they would strike a new life. Ellis island immigrants arrived in the United States legally, but this was not necessarily true in the West. Asians were one of the first groups of people to join in on the search for gold. People of Mexico were soon to follow, and large groups of them were looking for a quick way to get access to take part in the Rush. Illegally crossing the Mexican-American border was the quickest alternative.

As time has progressed, Mexicans have continued to migrate into America, even after the gold frenzy. However, great deals of them never obtained their citizenship before stepping foot onto our land. More than half of the illegal immigrants entering and already here are natives of Mexico (Haerens 12). Innumerable masses of immigrants have illegally ventured into our lives, and camouflaged into communities. This trend is continuing today, but on an exceedingly immense scale. In order to thoroughly understand the illegal immigration disaster that is occurring, we must examine why and how it is happening, what problems it is causing, and what actions are being taken to prevent it.

Although Canada, like Mexico, is a bordering country of the United States, Canadian natives rarely enter American illegally. Canada has a well-functioning economy, and citizens have no reason to leave. Mexico, however, poses a greater threat to our nation. It is a difficult number to arrive at, but there are roughly 10 million – 12 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States, and that number continues to grow by more than 400,000 every year (Hayworth 89). The majority of these immigrants are natives of Mexico, which is why Mexico natives are the primary focus when targeting illegal immigration issues.

There are numerous speculations as to why this mass illegal immigration is taking place. Simply put, most immigrants believe that life in Mexico does not compare to life in the United States. Mexicans endure a great deal of hardships in their homeland, such as low wages for excruciating labor, eminent unsanitary food and water, and disheveled houses. These are merely a few of the numerous afflictions they have to bear. For these and various other reasons, these immigrants desperately advance through the Mexican-American border in search for a better life.

The United States has an economy that flourishes well beyond that of Mexico. When illegal aliens come to America, they take part in higher wages, social benefit programs, and an overall more efficient lifestyle. Along with higher pay, a great deal also receive health benefits, welfare, and do not claim any taxes. However, some will still file for tax returns to pilfer more money.

People of Mexico go through a great deal of trouble just to enter our homeland. Risking their lives, they act on hope alone to get them through to the new land. For some, this hope is destroyed, and they are sent back to Mexico. For the others who make it through to the other side of the borderline, their hope is only elevated, and the risks they are willing to take become more daring, unethical, and dangerous – not only to themselves, but to our country as well.

Although it is commonly believed that the...
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