Illegal Immigration Concept Essay

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A woman from Mexico named Maythe had no idea that when she crossed the border twice in the late 1900’s that it would have a severe impact on her life. She was a single mother with her young daughter in tow when she entered America illegally for a better future. She got caught twice with the border patrol in past years but eventually made her way in. Maythe got a minimum wage job at a Burger King, ended up falling in love with a U.S. citizen and thought that once they married she would be granted legal citizenship. Her husband fully aware of her illegal immigration status, decided to go underground with his new family, so they would not be separated for years if caught. After years of hiding from the law, Maythe was caught in 2010 for driving her vehicle too slowly and was handed directly over to Customs. With her American citizen husband of now 12 years and an American citizen child they share together, she thought they would have bigger problems on their hands then to send her back. She fought her case for months, eventually lost and was deported back to the country she fled all those years ago.

Maythe now lives in Tijuana, Mexico, alone, while her husband and children live in San Diego. She is banned from entering America for the next 20 years. Her family often takes the long drive, weekend after weekend, just to spend time with their wife and mother, to be a whole family again. Maythe knows without her family she will continue living a lonely life and wishes the illegal immigration laws in America would change (Amy Isackson).
With millions of illegal immigrants already here in the States and only a small portion of that amount are able to enter in legally, it’s no wonder they have such a massive effect on US citizens. It has been argued that illegal immigrants put strains on the economy of the country but they also have a major influence on the many political decisions that are made. Whether having them here is positive or negative, will always be a matter of debate. The terrorist attack of 11 September has brought on a new dimension to the debate surrounding illegal immigration, as politicians and scholars have called for increased controls of the flow of illegal immigrants as a matter of national security (Ramanujan Nadadur 1).

Illegal Immigration can be defined as not following the rules of a country by disregarding the laws of moving into that country the correct way. Many illegal immigrants border through land, water and air illegally. It can also mean when one’s visa expires and they decide not to leave the country, making it illegal for them to stay. Illegal immigrants come from all different countries to the United States but most are from Canada, Mexico, Africa and Europe. The effects vary on different degrees to the lives of the natives and also depends on social status and different interests. These can be some of the following.

A good portion of illegal immigrants engage in criminal activities which has led to increased crime rates. One of the biggest crimes associated with them coming to the United States is that they are bringing over drugs and once here, start dealing them. They have brought over drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana. They have also been known to steal U.S. citizen’s identities, social security numbers and documents, to obtain legal work. Various reports have demonstrated that many of the country's lowest crime rates can be found in places with the highest immigration rates; that America's crime rate dropped radically between the mid-nineties and the early twenty-first century, just as immigration was booming; and that the incarceration rate of native-born men is higher than that of immigrants (Salamon, Jeff et al.). Exploitation and Trafficking

Not only do immigrants smuggle controlled substances into the United States, they also smuggle people. About fifty thousand into the United States a year, a lot of them...
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