Illegal Immigration: Bliss to the Immigrants, but a Curse to U.S Economy

Illegal immigration is a hot topic in the United States of America that has stirred up plenty of debate and controversy. The Hispanics from Mexico are the culprits of this issue by crossing the U.S. borders illegally. They are looking for jobs and a better lifestyle so they enter the country and try to stay as long as possible. Many people believe that illegal immigrants hurt the American economy and the overall standard of life as a result of their pursuits. Supporters of deporting the illegal immigrants do not think they should get amnesty because the immigrants knowingly broke the law. Besides breaking the law, illegal immigration advocates have said that it hurts all taxpayers, takes jobs away from citizens, and increases the crime rate. Those who think that all illegal immigrants should receive amnesty also have solid arguments and raise many questions. One of their main arguments is that immigrants no matter what, will always try their hardest to cross over to America. Even today with all the border security and the dangerous antics required to cross the border, foreigners still attempt and succeed in entering the United States. Until life in Mexico and other poor countries improve, there will always be illegal immigrants in the U.S. Is it a waste of American resources to stop immigrants from illegally crossing the border? It is easy to see why the immigration topic is such a trending issue in the states; the arguments for both sides are both logical and reasonable. Keeping illegals in the country can be costly, reduce jobs for citizens, and may undermine American values. On the other side, denying illegals to stay in the country can be a waste of potential, a waste of people to do some unpopular jobs, and a compromise to the values on which the United States was founded on. All of the illegal immigration debate boils down to this one question: Should illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in the United States of America?

Illegal aliens crossing the U.S. borders do so in order to find a better life for them and their children. They want to find happiness just like the masses of European immigrants of the older days at Ellis Island. Do political and economic reasons outweigh America’s ability to offer foreigners a better life and the pursuit of happiness? Aristotle addressed man’s pursuit of happiness in his work The Aim of Man when he stated, “Life brings many vicissitudes and chance happenings, and it may be that one who is now prosperous will suffer great misfortunes in his old age, as is told of Pram in the Trojan legends; and a man who is thus buffeted by fortune and comes to a miserable end can scarcely be called happy” (704). Illegal immigrants suffer a harsh life in the U.S. by working many hard hours and tough jobs, but they are able to live a better life relative to their past in their former homeland. Many people concur with Aristotle that these illegals are not even living the best life after they crossed the border. Many illegals would agree with that statement, but also adding that they are trying to improve the life of their future grandchildren and great grandchildren just like the European immigrants in the nineteenth century. One of the controversies within the illegal immigration debate is whether the government should deport American born babies of illegal immigrants. Currently there are bills trying to be passed that deport these kids. These bills are immoral and wrong because they punish the children for being born somewhere totally out of their control. In fact, deporting people or babies born in the United States is extremely un-constitutional. The 14th Amendment cited from, states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.” Many politicians though, believe that allowing an illegal immigrant’s offspring to stay in the country rewards and encourages...
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