Illegal Immigration and Its Effects on the Hospitality and Food Industry

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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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Illegal Immigration and its effects on the Hospitality and Food industry * The fields I will be writing for are Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry, Hotel and Restaurant Management, and Culinary Arts. I choose this topic because it is the number one problem the industry is facing currently. I have spent my entire career in the Restaurant industry working with foreign workers and have strong feelings about this topic. After moving to Colorado and leaving the Military I began working for one of the world’s most successful Restaurant companies, Outback Steakhouse. I spent 10 years with O.S.I., a majority of this time was in a management roll, and this is when most of my professional development occurred. After leaving OSI I took Manager and General Manager Positions with several companies always improving systems, lowing costs and increasing sales. I also have sat on the board of the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Colorado Rest. Association. One of our priorities was building a favorable political environment; one way we did this was we raised money to support policy makers that favored the interests of the restaurant industry. The most rewarding part of any roll I held in the restaurant was the time I spent building relationships with and training employees. A majority of my team was made up of illegal immigrants, and proper training often took allot of time and patience due to the language barrier. I really enjoyed this time much more than I did working with American employees. We taught one another our language, culture, and I observed something very rare, their amazing work ethic and sense of responsibility. I was the first Outback manager in Colorado to develop and promote a Spanish speaking, Illegal Immigrant, to a management position. * Thesis Statement: Immigrants are hard working, passionate, courageous people who are doing whatever it takes to make it in the world and provide for their families. This can only benefit our economy...
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