Illegal Immigrants Annotated Bibliography

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Honors English 2
6 September 2012
Annotated Bibliography
Schweiker, Richard S. “Is Amnesty For Illegal Aliens A Sound U.S. Policy? Con.” Congressional Digest 56.10 (1977): n. pag. Print. Richard S. Schweiker wrote this journal to voice his opinion on how he thinks illegal immigration is terrible and will ruin America economically. Richard states that the United States needs to deport them because knowing about them and not doing anything is like rewarding them for violating our laws. Allowing employees to knowingly employ aliens should also stop, because if you cut them off from the source they have a less chance of getting jobs.

Sennholz, Hans F. “Is Amnesty For Illegal Aliens A Sound U.S. Policy? Pro.” Congressional Digest 56.10 (1977): n. pag. Print.
The author of this journal, Hans F. Sennholz, wrote this to show his view on illegal immigration and how he views it as something good. He says that if they were not here the economy would crash and the unemployment would rise. His major point in the article is how the illegal immigrants are holding jobs that Americans claim as theirs, but probably cannot do. If the alien employees are shipped out of the country some industries, such as the fruit and motel industry, will lose hard, talented workers and this will cause prices to rise and the industry to diminish. Americans who say they could do the job might not do as good of one and in that case their cost exceeds his usefulness, causing the company and possibly more American debt. Hans also points out that illegal immigrants pay taxes just like everyone else and that they are receiving less pay than majority of the people. It’s useful in the way this document written by a government official in the economic department and we are seeing his point of view and facts he knows as he sees and works with this every day.
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