Illegal Immigrants

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration, United States Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Michael Jones
Dr. Cindy Murillo
English 1020
February 27, 2012
The Benefits of Illegal Immigrants
Are illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants beneficial to America’s economy? Most illegal immigrants have a positive impact on the United States (U.S.) economy. Illegal immigrants have a positive impact on the United States economy because they increase our tax revenue, they add to our social security, and they also increase our employment rates.” In 2000, statistics revealed 8.7 million illegal immigrants resided in the United States” (Knickerbocker pgs.11-12). “A study of illegal immigrants living in Texas showed a 420 million dollar increase in the states economy” (Strayhorn). Companies risk hiring illegal immigrants because they are more than willing to work when companies need them (Chaddock 24-25). This should not be the case in our society because the United States should is a giving nation and we should provide available jobs for all that want to better themselves.

Although it is illegal for illegal immigrants to work in America, they are very popular to business owners. For example, many undocumented immigrants pay sales and property taxes. Because of their employment, our economy increases by 5 percent each month ( Knickerbocker). In addition, illegal immigrants contributed 1.7 million dollars of interest to America’s economy (Scherer pg. 6-7). As a result, businesses created new jobs because of the money billions of undocumented immigrants spent. In Texas, 1.4 million immigrants added 18 billion dollars to the economic output of the state. So, why does the government not support illegal immigrants? Their supporters believe lawmakers should create a system that works with our economy instead of against it (Ewing). Others believe if the economy keeps our wages low then illegal immigrants take away labor savings which prevent American workers from being lazy and unproductive ( The Economist).

Another reason illegal immigrants are...
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