Illegal Immigrants

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  • Published : August 29, 2012
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Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants have become a hot topic in the United States as of late. There are those who debate that they should be banned from the US and those who affirm it say they are useful. Frustration over illegal immigration has given rise to numerous legislative, administrative and enforcement initiatives over the years and has led to anti-immigrant sentiment in some communities. What would be a fair is, if our legislators had the imagination to call for citizen panels before which an illegal immigrant could request amnesty, and options to citizenship based on their contribution to the nation or community, a good employment record, record of taxes being paid, a good criminal background, and family needs.

However, the way illegal immigrants are treated is unfair, because they are just here in search for a better life. To me they are just like anyone else. They should also have rights and be equal like all of us. Just because they come from another country with few resources, it doesn’t make them any different from us. The only reason why they break the law is because the U.S opposes to grant them citizenship. Like many of us, they have a family to support. All they need is a chance to prove the government otherwise. After all, they do take on jobs that no citizen here in the U.S is willing to take. Jobs that require being out in the unpredictable weather, laborious jobs such as: agriculture, farming, construction, and house cleaning.

Another reason why some people are in favor of illegal immigrants is, because they keep employment cost down. There are so many positive gains in having illegal immigrants in our country such as: businesses get cheap work and don’t have to pay taxes, businesses don’t have to pay for healthcare, or have to contend with OSHA, and upper class...
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