Illegal Imigration

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration, Immigration Pages: 7 (2473 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Indira Krager

20 March 2012
Illegal Immigration; A controversial topic.
So many things have been said about the American dream; so many people have struggle against themselves to prove that it does not only exist but can also be achieved. So many people worked hard and devoted their lives to this dream. To many people across the world immigrating to the United States is the American dream in itself. The United States has had immigration policy in effect that dates as far back as its birth. Immigration to the United States has been a major source of population growth and cultural change throughout much of the history of the United States. The economic, social, and political aspects of immigration have caused controversy regarding ethnicity, economic benefits, jobs for non-immigrants, settlement pattern, impact on upward social mobility, crime, and voting behavior. The controversy of illegal and legal immigrants is seen and disputed in our everyday life; it has become part of political campaigns every 4 years with new laws and old laws being revised. Although the idea of extending open arms to those searching for a better life is heartwarming, the negative effects of such rampant illegal immigration are detrimental to the United States, legal immigrants and its natural-born citizens. The United States has been relaying on immigrants for the growth of population since its birth, however, the effects of rampant illegal immigration are detrimental to the citizens and permanent residents. There are currently 11 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States, with an average of 500, 000 new entrants arriving over the last decade. As many as two –thirds of unauthorized immigrants enter the country by crossing the US-Mexico border, with the remaining 30-40 percent arriving on temporary visas and then staying on after their visa expires. (Hanson 6). Some of the many impacts of illegal immigration can be easily identified by examining the current health care system and associated costs, crime levels, and the billions of tax dollars dedicated to this issue. Illegal immigration only recently entered the general health debate, but has taken on a life of its own as one of the hotly discussed issues across the nation. The debate over the residency status of the 11 million illegal immigrant boils, just as another battle is simmering; over what-if any- benefits illegal immigrants deserve while they are in the United States. Health care being one of the most heated arguments on the issue. Quite simply illegal immigration is hurting America’s health coverage. Although actual data on health care costs for illegal immigrants are hazy because hospitals and community health centers don’t ask about patients legal status, opponents of illegal immigration see health care benefit that illegal immigrants don’t deserve-and that taxpayers can’t afford. Many efforts have been made by our national and local governments to ensure taxpayers are not solely responsible when it comes to health care benefits for illegal immigrants. Across the country State legislatures are discussing to limit the costs to taxpayers of illegal immigration, to include health care benefits. In May, Oklahoma lawmakers restricted illegal immigrants from receiving most public benefits; other states, such as Nebraska, are seeking to follow suit. A bill introduced in Indiana this month would make hospitals report how much they spend on illegal immigrants. On national level, an effort to add legal immigrant children to the State Children’s Health Insurance Program was blocked in senate last year (Wolf). This, however, does not stop some states, including New York, Illinois and Washington from providing health coverage to illegal immigrant’s children with state tax dollars. There are those who believe health care coverage should not be denied to anyone and being an illegal immigrant doesn’t qualify anyone not to be able to have health care coverage. Many hospitals just...
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