Illegal Dumping

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  • Published: October 22, 2012
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Illegal dumping is a serious and growing problem in Surrey. Abandoned garbage is not only an eyesore but it impacts our City in many negative ways: Although it represents only 0.012% of the total annual solid waste generated in the City, illegally dumped material can have serious effects on the environment, wildlife habitat and the ability of others to use and enjoy outdoor recreational areas.

• Increases health risks - Abandoned and decaying garbage attracts rats and other disease-carrying creatures.  • Increases environmental risks - Illegal dumping of hazardous waste will contaminate soil and water. Harmful chemicals are produced as rainfall percolates through garbage, potentially damaging ground and surface water and fish habitat.  • Increases costs - Collecting abandoned garbage costs money which is passed onto to taxpayers.  • Encourages more dumping - Abandoned garbage, even small amounts, will become full-scale dumpsites in only a few days. Allowing garbage to accumulate on vacant lots, in front and backyards and green spaces only makes the problem worse.  • Contributes to other illegal activity - By tolerating illegal dumping you send a message to violators that these and other types of non-desirable activities are okay in your neighborhood.

How do I report illegal dumping?
There are two ways to report incidents of illegal dumping on public property:

1. Call the Engineering Service Request Line at 604-591-4152; or

2. Click here to Report the problem.

A City representative will investigate the complaint and if appropriate, will enforce City by-laws relating to the unlawful dumping, or the accumulation of garbage. In many cases the inspector is able to track down the person responsible for the dumping. The inspector will then take all of or some of the following actions:

• Send the offender a warning letter
• Issue the offender a municipal ticket information under the Surrey Sanitation By-law, 1969, No. 3052 in the amount of $1000.00 • Give the offender a $100.00 fine (up to under the Highway and Traffic By-law, 1997, No. 13007 ) • Initiate a prosecution against the offender for violations under the Surrey Sanitation By-law, 1969, No. 3052, with a maximum penalty of $10,000.00, or under the Highway and Traffic By-law, 1997, No. 13007, with a maximum penalty of $2000.00 • Initiate legal action by the City of Surrey to recoup recover the cost of the clean up.

What about garbage dumped illegally on private property or vacant lots?

Unsightly Properties
Properties within the City of Surrey are required to be maintained at an acceptable level. The Surrey Property Maintenance and Unsightly Premises By-law, 2007, No. 16393 sets acceptable levels of maintenance and defines what is considered unsightly. Accumulation of junk, discarded materials and garbage, dead landscaping, uncontrolled growth of landscaping, and deterioration of fences, buildings or other structures are examples of items contained within the definition of unsightly in the by-law.

Enforcement Procedures:
Once a complaint is received, an inspection is conducted by a By-law Enforcement Officer. If the By-law Enforcement Officer determines the property falls within the definition of an unsightly property, the by-law is explained to the property owner, as well as what must be done to clean up the property. A deadline for the clean up is set by the By-law Enforcement Officer after the property owner has been notified of the problem.

If sufficient clean up of the property has not taken place after the deadline has lapsed, the City may have the property cleaned up at the expense of the property owner. The cost of the clean up will form a part of the property taxes of the property of the property owner does not pay.

Make a complaint online or contact us at 604-591-4370.

How do I dispose of a large item like furniture or fridge, or old clothing and household items?

Consider these options:
• If the...
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