Ill Effects of Procrastination

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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IB Skills Final Assessment – Anti-Procrastination
Alex Foxe
22nd June 2012

“You may delay, but time will not” ~Benjamin Franklin


Procrastination is generally defined as the act of replacing high priority actions with those that have less priority. In psychology, procrastination is the temporal gap between intended behavior and enacted behavior. (Mind tools) This psychological behaviour is widely associated with adolescents, especially those in college where homework and projects are prominent parts of life. It is also estimated that up to 95% of college students have the constant urge to procrastinate.

Ever since I have started my pre-IB course, I have noticed numerous times when the subconscious idea of procrastination have overwhelmed my limited self-control, hence causing me to only start on homework and projects on the night before it is due. As the year progressed, I have noticed a significantly worsening problem of procrastination; the urge to procrastinate constantly overwhelmed my duty of homework.

The most significant event that displayed my terrible habit of procrastination is my failure to hand in my Economics homework on time. I only had 2 hours before the deadline at that time, but I thought that I could have finished it on time so I decided to play a few minutes of Tetris. Those few precious minutes spent on playing Tetris caused my failure to hand in the assignment on time as I was only late for less than a minute. In light of that event, I have realized that procrastination is a dominant and destructive force in me, that it can possibly destroy my academic life.

Area of Knowledge:

My knowledge and new-found urge of anti-procrastination belongs in the “ethics” category of Theory of Knowledge. The significance of anti-procrastination to the world is that without it, the world in general would be a much more productive place where things would get done a lot quicker. It is estimated that up to 20% of the whole...
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