Iliad and Movie

Topics: Iliad, Trojan War, Achilles Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: April 18, 2013
With comparing the epic poem 'the Iliad' and the movie 'Troy', there are many differences. 'Troy' is a great film with excellent actors such as Brad Pitt, but it does not capture the full effect the book gives you and thr classic format of the Greek poem. Here are some examples on how the book and the movie differ.  

The Iliad only covers about 2 weeks in the last year of the war, while the movie shows it all. Achilles and Agamemnon argue, and Briseis is taken from Achilles in both. Achilles had his mother, Thetis, persuade Zeus to help Troy in the book, but this does not happen in the movie. Also, the movie shows Hector killing Melelaus, and the Iliad, Melelaus returns home with Helen. Ajax only beats Hector in the book, but is killed in the movie. Patroclus is killed by Hector in both Troy and the Iliad, and Achilles kills Hector as revenge. The book ends with Hector's funeral, but the movie tells the rest of the story of the war.

I think the character of Paris was made more likeable in the movie. The scene where he fights Melelaus for Helen shows in both the Iliad and in Troy, that Paris does not fight to kill others. The Iliad tells us that Aphrodite rescues him, and in the movie he simply backs away. In the movie, we see Helen very happy that Paris didn't finish the fight, and that he chose love instead of war. The book describes Helen disgusted with Paris, wishing he had died in the fight. Helen is not won by Paris, and the movie does not let us know that Helen was a reward to Paris for giving a golden apple to the Goddess Aphrodite instead of the Goddess Hera or Goddess Athena.

Another difference is with Achilles and Patroclus. Achilles did not know what Patroclus was planning to do in the movie. In both the book and the movie, Patroclus decides to wear Achilles armor and pretend he was Achilles and goes to fight the Trojans. Hector, who thought Patroclus was Achilles, kills him in battle. Achilles grieves and loses total control of himself. In Troy...
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