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Important values by the Greek culture
For the ancient Greeks, the values that they value are still important to the modern society. In the epic poem the Iliad, written by Homer, Achilles, a great Greek warrior is at war with Hector, the leader and greatest warrior of the Trojan army. In the end, Hector is killed by the hot-tempered Achilles. The five values the Greek culture values the most are obedience to gods, honor, fate, loyalty, and courage. Obedience to gods is a value that often ties with the fate value; whereas the values honor, loyalty, and courage are tied together, their relationships are often being seen in the Greek culture. In the Iliad, the values that are most important and outstanding in this epic poem are obedience to gods, honor and fate.

First and foremost, the trait that the Greek culture values is obedience to gods. For example, when Agamemnon refuses to give up his war prize, Chryses says to Agamemnon, “Accept these gifts, this ransom. Honor the god/who strikes from worlds away--- the son of Zeus, Apollo” (Homer 1.23-24). Chryses begs Agamemnon to return his daughter or else he will suffer from the punishments from the gods. Chryses is warning Agamemnon that the gods control everything that is happening in the world including kings like him. Next, when Achilles wants to know the truth about the plague that is sent down to the army, he says, “Courage! / Out with is now, Calchas. Reveal the will of god, / whatever you may know” (1.99-101). Achilles wants Calchas to reveal the message of the god on why the gods are angry with them. Achilles proves his obedience to gods by wanting peace with the gods and not to be angry at from the truth of Calchas. In conclusion, obedience to gods is one of the trait that the Greek culture values.

Secondly, the trait that the Greek culture values is honor. For example, when Achilles and Agamemnon are aguing about giving back the daughter of Chryses, he says to his leader, “… we all...

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