Ikemefuna Relationship to Okonkwo Is Like a Father-Son Relationship Because He Really Didn’t Care About Anyone Else Like He Cared About Ikemefuna but He Really Didn’t Want to Act or Show Like Cared for Him Because It

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Ikemefuna relationship to Okonkwo is like a father-son relationship because he really didn’t care about anyone else like he cared about Ikemefuna but he really didn’t want to act or show like cared for him because it would make him seem soft or weak like he couldn’t be the man in charge. His thoughts of Okonkwo is that he took him under his wing like a father figure would do because he pleaded for his mother to let him come on the way but she was still very uneasy about him going on the journeys with Okonkwo. Also Okonkwo wife cared for him as if she was the son she had birth too. Okonkwo thoughts of Ikemefuna are that he is full of knowledge such as that he knew many stories that the children have never heard before and he possesses skills like making flutes out of bamboo sticks and setting traps for bush rodents. Ikemefuna significance in the story is that the neighboring village gave him to help him out with the things he need and to take care of the children when.

Nwoye relationship to Okonkwo is that is oldest son who struggles in the shadow of his powerful, successful, and demanding father. His interests are different from Okonkwo and resemble more closely those of Unoka, his grandfather. Okonkwo thoughts of Nwoye are that he is weak and carless. He undergoes many beatings, at a loss for how to please his father, until the arrival of Ikemefuna, who becomes like an older brother and teaches him a gentler form of successful masculinity. As a result, Okonkwo backs off, and Nwoye even starts to win his grudging approval. Nwoye remains conflicted, however: though he makes a show of scorning feminine things in order to please his father, he misses his mother’s stories. Nwoye thoughts for Okonkwo are that he is masculine values turns into pure embitterment toward him and his ways. When missionaries come to Mbanta, Nwoye’s hope and faith are reawakened, and he eventually joins forces with them. Although Okonkwo curses his lot for having borne so “effeminate” a son and disowns Nwoye, Nwoye appears to have found peace at last in leaving the oppressive atmosphere of his father’s tyranny. Nwoye significance in the story is that he is the son of the high and mighty man who is to run the villages when the other people are not in the village.

Ekewfi relationship to Okonkwo is his second wife, once the village beauty. Ekwefi ran away from her first husband to live with Okonkwo. She seems to be his favorite, and he often wishes to himself that she had been born a boy because he believes that she would have been prosperous. Ezinma is her only surviving child, her other nine having died in infancy, and Ekwefi constantly fears that she will lose Ezinma as well. Ekwefi is good friends with Chielo, the priestess of the goddess Agbala. Ekwefi thoughts of Okonkwo are that he very abusive and careless or other people’s feeling. Also he really didn’t care about the death of their nine babies. Okonkwo thoughts of Ekewfi are that she is a good mother to their daughter because she is always ill and they don’t know when she is going to die. The significance of Ekwefi is that she is the second wife of Okonkwo and the mother of terminally ill Ezinma. Also her significance of her role in the story is to keep Okonkwo very happy and graceful to run the village correctly. And Lastly how to keep her child for as long as they can.

Ezinma relationship to Okonkwo is that is his daughter. Ezinma understands her father better than her other siblings. She seems to be his favorite, and he often wishes to himself that she had been born a boy because he believes that she would have been prosperous. Ezinma is the only living child of Ekwefi although the woman bore ten children. Because of Ekwefi's misfortunes, she is frightened any time Ezinma is ill because she expects the child to die as all her other children have. Her thoughts of Okonkwo is that he is the best father a girl can have even though she doesn’t have long to live. The thoughts of Okonkwo...
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