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We have chosen to elaborate on the maxi-maxi problem which maximizes the strong sides and maximize the opportunities.

The problem which we have discovered is that IKEA should focus on promoting their green products because it is a growing trend all over the world and we assume that it will keep growing for many years to come.

This problem will be solved by using Ansoff’s intensification strategy. Therefore we have chosen to focus on the marketing mix in order to describe the product in better terms. It will also show how we can attract the consumers in a better and more improved way. Furthermore, it will show how IKEA could differentiate from other competitive brands on the market.

IKEA’s products are all tangible goods. IKEA offers a wide variety of household products and furniture. IKEA has lately focused on developing sustainable products that will last for a long time and therefore are good for the nature. IKEA has been known for inexpensive products that do not last very long. However, introducing sustainability in 1999 helped re-determine their image. The quality of the green products is a very high standard, but is still sold at a fairly low price, coherent to the brand values and mission statement of their original products.

All are products are designed in a very Scandinavian style with minimalistic features and nothing too overdone. IKEA needs to make products that come from natural resources that are embracing the nature. IKEA should also use natural and 100% recyclable packaging.

The function of green products:
* Improves conditions for survival of the rainforest
* Keeps the nature in balance – now and in the future
* Improves the overall feeling of well being within the consumers * Increases mental awareness of green solutions and social responsibility * Provides IKEA with a great image outwardly and therefore gives a strong competitive advantage With these five claims...
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