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Topics: Marketing, Business, Ethics Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: October 18, 2014
People are used to buying furniture that lasts a long time. Do you think it is ethical for IKEA to sell furniture that doesn’t last a long time? What if the customer of IKEA is not aware of the position IKEA takes that furniture is not forever? Should they make the customer aware that their furniture is not intended to last a long time?

Research is key especially when you are buying. Today’s market has caused consumers to either search online or view home delivery coupon. Based on the company history consumers are aware and familiar with the quality of the product that the company sells. Now is it unethical? I say no if it is disclosed by the company. The company slogan is “Low price with a meaning.” I have purchase Ikea product myself and have found them to be reasonable with pricing. However, their business philosophy when it comes to quality of furniture does make sense. The company applies lower grade quality to less stress furniture and higher quality to furniture that takes on more stress. What’s not ethic is the goal that has been establish with sales personnel’s to give the customer an experience that the furniture will last forever. However, it’s up to the customer to do the proper research to ensure that quality that they are looking for is up to par. Should Ikea disclose that low quality materials are sold? Yes but on the business side they are only providing a service that consumers are in demand. Ikea pricing strategy has giving them advantage over their competitors. Based on my experience, even-though certain furniture can be found at Wal-Mart maybe similar or lower. Ikea would be a store of choice because of the unique design of the product You are not only getting a great price you are also getting a nice design. Overall, Ikea pricing plan has set them apart from the furniture retailers and the quality my not be present in their less stress product. It’s still a plan that aids consumers that are in a budget in today economy....
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